Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting uses the latest state of the art technology from the United States and offers you the ability to save time and money. It uses a combination of crushed recycled bottled glass and water with our unique solution that allows you to provide a more efficient outcome compared to using standard sand blasting equipment.

Dustless Blasting is faster than sanding and soda blasting. The water reduces friction and prevents heat so there is no risk of warping. There is no residue or mess with dustless blasting so we can use this method in your driveway, marinas or inside a building.

Stripsafe has a mobile service with our Dustless Blasting method so we can come to you for any job whether it is paint stripping your home, sandstone fences, graffiti removal or anti-foaling your boat.

Stripsafe is the only company using Dustless Blasting in Sydney.

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